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The Best Yoga Videos for Men Women and Beginners Ages 18-70

1:30 pm.Men.#Best rated yoga videos

Yoga is a great way to stay fit but starting right will ensure that you won’t hurt yourself in the process. You will also be able to extract the most out of your workouts and for that you need instructions. You could go the old way and join a yoga class but if you do […]

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5 Best Yoga Mats for Men/Women not Slippery Thick Enough and Cheap

12:58 am.Men.#best yoga mat

Mind, body, soul and the only piece of hardware you need is a yoga mat. While it is perhaps the simplest of all workout equipment, it is very important to keep you injury free. Today we will look at the 5 best yoga mats available so you can choose the perfect mat that will help […]

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5 Best Yoga Pants for Petite /Plus Size Women and They’re Affordable

3:03 am.Product review.#Best yoga pants

Working out in any form requires comfortable clothing so that they can be flexible and still look good. If yoga is what you are into then you need the perfect pants so that you can do yoga without your clothes restricting you in any way or cause chaffing while still allowing you to be reasonably […]

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